About Us

We are a strong team, here in New Zealand, helping kiwi’s fix their damaged Samsung smart phones and setting them up with the latest models with the support you need. Purchasing an expensive smartphone is exciting for many, and we understand that heart breaking feeling you get when the screen breaks or something goes wrong with your phone. Our team at Callcom are here to fix that for you! At CallCom, our professional engineers provide you with a one stop solution to all of your smart phone worries. We can replace your screen and restore it back to its original condition, as well as provide you with a range of different accessories and internal components for your Samsung smart phone.

If you own a smart phone and find that something isn't working properly, our expert team has an extensive amount of experience with Samsung smart phones. From screen repairs to LCD replacement, fixing internal parts and components, we can do it all. Rather than heading out and spending a lot of money buying a new phone, just have our friendly expert team fix your current Samsung for considerably less money and time! This also ensures that your attachment with your device remains intact. At Callcom, our main focus is to make sure that our clients are happy with our products and services and it’s all done in a timely manner. Let’s get you and your Samsung together again asap. Just flick us a quick text or phone call and we’ll get in contact with you quick smart to start arranging your Samsung fix.