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What use is a smartphone if you can’t access it? Not much, right? Except maybe picking up phone calls, but that’s not why you bought it in the first place. You might as well throw it away with the rest of the garbage, or you can send it to us, and we’ll have it up and running in no time.

Several issues can make your smartphone unusable, most often we forget the unlocking PIN or pattern we set to secure our files. You would be surprised how often this happens, actually, setting a complicated pattern or PIN and can’t remember what it was a few hours later. It’s also pretty frustrating, but we’ve got experts who can get around the security system and give you back access.

Another security measure which could also bar you from using your phone is the network or SIM lock mechanism, whereby the phone is only usable on a particular cellular network or SIM card. This happens often when you receive a phone as a gift, and yet you don’t use the same network as the other person. Again, you could just switch over to that network, which is exactly why service providers put this lock in place, but that would be more complicated and expensive compared to our unlock service. Wouldn’t you rather stick to your preferred network?

So, that’s what we do – unlock your smartphone from a manufacturer’s network and SIM or accidentally forgetting your PIN or pattern. We usually work with Samsung devices, which also have Samsung account lock, which we can also deal with.

All you have to do is send your device to our shop and we’ll send it back when we’re done, it doesn’t take long. If your phone has any of these problems, though, don’t attempt to factory reset, root, install a custom recovery, whatever, just send it to us the way it is. You wouldn’t want to lose all your data, pictures and fun apps you have installed. These measures can also sometimes mess up the device’s firmware, which makes the unlock process more difficult, therefore please include a message on whether you have attempted a reset or any other procedure to unlock.

There’s more, when you send your device to our company, you get it back with more goodies which you can pick from the checkboxes above. Delivery is very fast, and if you select the ‘high priority’ checkbox above, you can have it back within 2 business days. We also require some proof of ownership and will not perform the unlock if we feel the device is stolen.

So, before you smash your phone with a hammer or throw it against the wall, send it to us. If for some reason your phone’s security measures are too tough, we’ll return it to you just as it was initially.